💚It's Saint Patrick's Day!💚

Here's to the man who drove all the snakes from Ireland, and thus became the best excuse to drink Guinness all day!

To celebrate this day even better, we created a beer pack with all the necessities to make this day complete. Check out the webshop for more info!

My favourite toast for this occasion would be:
Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
a quick death and an easy one
a pretty girl and an honest one
a cold beer – and another one!

We've already found our Valentine's date. Because beer can't break your heart or leave you on read. Beer is there for you. Beer listens. Beer understands.

We've created a few beer selections, all themed especially for this day: Beers to share, Naughty beers, Flirty beers, Fruity beers, Chocolate treats and beers from De Molen brewery.

Check out the Valentine's day selection in the webshop!

Dear guests,
As many of you know, we will be closing our doors for the next 4 weeks. This and other restrictions have been announced in light of the rising infection rates.
As sad as we are, it is most important to think about the health of the people surrounding us.
We will drink a toast to everyones health and safety!
Hopefully we’ll see you all soon!


Thornbridge in ‘s-Hertogenbosch wins the annual Bronzen Tapknop and can call itself one of the best catering establishments of 2017 in the Brabant region. The Bronzen Tapknop is part of the quality program ‘Goed Getapt’ from HEINEKEN Nederland, during which several mystery guests review catering establishments during the year on the quality of hospitality, service and beer treatment. Paul Leeyen, owner of Thornbridge ‘s-Hertogenbosch, received the prize last Friday.

Paul is particularly proud of the price and the appreciation for Thornbridge: “Beer is our passion and this award also underlines passion for craftsmanship. We are very proud of that! The Well Tapped program supports us in meeting our high standards and keeps us sharp. I own a business in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Proeflokaal’ t Paultje, so this will make for a nice mutual competition.”